Special REVISED Introductory Rates - Map web sites and map stores:

BASIC LISTING POLICY - A company's web site (URL) will be listed in one location (i.e. subject page) on the Map Empire web site without charge. A store's name and city may be listed on multiple pages. Payment is required in advance for any advertising for a contract year. All rates listed are for a 365 day year, starting the day that the item(s) appear on our web page.

BANNERS - Banners provided by the vendor are available on the main page and on each subject page. Maximum size of 50 X 200 pixels, with a maximum of 5 banners per company on our site.

RATES - (in addition to the free listing)

  • Banner Ad: $40 per each banner per year, or as agreed with the company;
  • Marquee (moving text) maximum of 100 spaces/characters: $40 per year;
  • Stationary store street address and one phone number: $30 per year;
  • Spaces above and/or below your line: $20 per year;
  • Company web site (URL) listed on additional page(s): $20 per page per year;
  • Different text color (than provided): $20 per year;
  • All capital (Upper case) letters: $10 per year;
  • Symbols (stars, asterisks, etc.): two (2) symbols for $10 per year; each two additional symbols $6 per year; maximum of 6 symbols per line.


  • Check: Send an email, allow three weeks for the ad to appear and/or change to show on the page after check is received.
  • Paypal: Make arrangements for payment via the web.
  • Money Order: Send an email, allow three weeks for the ad to appear and/or change to show on the page after Money Order is received.

    * NOTE: A contract year begins the day that the advertising is loaded and visible on the internet on the Map Empire web site. Changes during that year to any advertising item, per banner or store, will be in effect for the remainder of that contract year. Rates listed above are subject to change at the end of the contract year. Advertising rates listed above are independent of the web site "hit rate".


    Non-map store advertising may be accepted. Use the email option on the home page to send proposals.